Tiny House, Big Lighting Top 5 Fixtures for a Tiny House


24 Sep Tiny House, Big Lighting Top 5 Fixtures for a Tiny House

With the growing popularity of tiny homes, we took the time to research what styles and types of fixtures would best serve this growing community. We love these environmentally friendly homes that provide people the freedom to travel, reduce expenses, and leave a smaller footprint on the world. Here are the top 5 light fixtures we would recommend to use in your own tiny house project.

Due to their size, we wanted to be sure the fixtures we would recommend would visually fit in the environment, reduce energy draw, and minimize extra heat creation. More traditional options would look oversized, and draw attention to the smaller stature of the structure. Given that lighting is used to aesthetically enlarge a space, it is important to find the right size fixture, as well as the appropriate energy draw. For our recommended top 5 light fixtures to use in your tiny home we made certain that they could be powered using solar energy, would fit in the tiny design, and would not increase the heat in the room. All of the recommendations below are LED light options to ensure minimal energy draw and to eliminate heat produced by incandescent or halogen options.


  • Mini Recessed Lights


12v_3_inch_recessed_lighting_trim_with_reflector_c3123__97884-1394469280-220-220Ambient lighting is essential in any home, tiny or not, but these recessed trims won’t look oversized in your petite structure. Stay with 2 to 3 inch low voltage recessed lights, and partner them with LED MR16 bulbs. These mini recessed cans are 12 volt fixtures so they will allow you to run your lighting with solar energy without the need for a converter. They only draw 3.5 to 6 watts of power, while they can provide light output equivalent to a 50 watt incandescent bulb. General lighting can be accomplished with the LED MR16, but so can task lighting as well. The bulbs come in a variety of spot options varying from 15 degrees to a 60 degree flood lamp. Even though these fixtures are mini, they still provide big light.


  • LED Tape Light


Possibly the most unobtrusive light fixture available to the market, 12 volt tape light can be used in the most unique ways. Many people use this option for task lighting – under cabinet, shelving, or desk illumination. LED tape light does provide fantastic task lighting, but it can also serve as design lighting in the tighter spaces of your tiny home. It comes in warm and cool white, as well as RGB options. Right now, the RGB also offers cool white, but in the near future we will be launching our RGB, warm white item. Whether you use RGB or classic whites, tape light is the perfect light fixture to partner with tiny house design. The design ideas are limitless – backlighting a feature countertop, illumination in the master loft, or enhancing a flush mounted mirror. We’d love to challenge professional tiny house designers to come up with the most unique and functional way to use LED tape light!


  • Step Lights


Don’t let the name fool you, this fixture can be used for more than brightening the steps that lead into your home. Recessed flush mounted step lights are perfect for ambient lighting needs. You can use them to brighten up your master loft or to provide softer lighting in the office or seating area. These fixtures are offered in 12 volt or 120 volt options to provide installation flexibility, and come in 5 different finishes for design preference.


  • Monorail and Track Lights


Since tiny houses use every room as a multifunctional space, it can be difficult to define casual seating areas from work spaces. Lighting can assist with defining the use of a space through strategic beam spreads, brightness, and dimmability. Monorail and track lights are great for directional lighting, and they come in a 12 volt option. This option is one that doesn’t stay flush with the mounting surface, so they can be a nice decorative fixture to enhance the design, while directing light for purposeful function.


  • Decorative Lighting


A statement piece is crucial in order to turn a tiny house into a tiny home. Find a chandelier that embodies the design style of your home. Make sure this piece is in the most prominent place in the home so it can function as enhancing jewelry. Keep in mind, sleek designs tend to be monochromatic and can lean towards the sterile side; texture and pattern bring life into a home. A feature light fixture is a fabulous way to save space, while transforming the room.


Lighting makes a big impact in design both from a functional and aesthetic perspective. In your tiny home make sure to use lighting in order to enlarge the space and to create artistic drama. Downlight art that is hanging on your walls and place the ambiance lighting on dimmers for mood control. Enjoy the maximized life your tiny home enables you to afford.