Introducing our… Under Cabinet Lighting Series


04 May Introducing our… Under Cabinet Lighting Series

led tape light 1__71412Under cabinet lighting has been around for decades, but the technology has truly evolved – as have homeowner expectations. If you are a do-it-yourself kind of homeowner, fixing up a property to turn it into a rental, or trying to update before you sell it is imperative that you know people now expect kitchens to have under cabinet lighting. This light fixture is now as standard as in kitchens recessed lighting. Follow this series to find out the best options to retrofit an old, inefficient under cabinet system, install a brand new system, and find out the best products for your design and functional needs.

003__76331.1424287653.220.220Fixture Options

At a high level you have three main options when it comes to under cabinet light fixtures. The first option that comes to mind for most people are puck lights. They have been around since the 70s, and in the past were used as the main source of task lighting. Now, designers have determined that puck lights are best used inside of quero or display cabinets. The second option is the bar light. These are used throughout more modern homes is fluorescent and halogen options, but as technology continues to flourish more efficient LED options are available. Last, tape light is a final under cabinet fixture option. With the development of these products homeowners can now use tape light with a plug and play option or hardwire their light system. All three fixtures have their strengths, and we’ll get into those in greater detail later on in the series.

Reasons to Retrofit

If you currently have an under cabinet light system, it may be time to update. Not only does LED save energy and cost much less to run, it also offers task lighting that doesn’t create excess heat, a glare on your work surface, or improper coloring given the hue of the bulb. The best part is, LED allows kitchens to meet Title 24 requirements, while still providing warm, inviting lighting into your home. So make the switch from fluorescent or halogen to LED for better light, lower energy draw, and improved efficiency. Best part – LED is now dimmable!

Why Install

Other than under cabinet lighting being standard in the industry, there are three designer reasons to install these purposeful fixtures. Interior decorators encourage the installation of under cabinet lights to provide kitchens with proper task lighting. Countertops are a chef’s workplace – proper lighting is needed to prep ingredients, read cook books, and chop veggies. Next, under cabinet lighting provides an inviting glow for better ambiance. The kitchen is the heart of the home, creating a welcoming tone is crucial for a complete design. Last, this lighting technique offers safety and a nice low light source for those late night snacks. You no longer have to strain your eyes against the blinding overhead lights just to get a glass a water in the late hours of the night, with under cabinet lighting you can easily navigate around the obstacles in your kitchen.

Stay tuned for detailed information on how to best install your own system.
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