Interior Design Ideas Using Rope Lights – DIY


08 Jun Interior Design Ideas Using Rope Lights – DIY

Rope light truly has unlimited application options in the interior of your home. While most people think of using a variety of rope lighting decor during the holidays, designers actually use this fixture to enhance daily atmosphere with subtle, yet unique light features. From alcove illumination to functional prep lighting, rope light can offer those DIY homeowners plenty of opportunities to show off their skills.

wGK_150_Clear__31508.1421870565.220.220The Basics

Unlike exterior use, we recommend using a 120 volt rope light product so you can avoid needing a transformer to step down to a 12 volt application. We always would urge you toward LED, for energy and cost savings over time, but most critical to an easy install is a 120 volt system for interior use. Depending on your needs you could go with a 150 foot roll so that you can cut and mount the light fixture in several areas around your house, or measure the space you plan to illuminate and use a custom cut option to avoid splicing the rope light on your own. If you do opt to customize your own fit by ordering a 150 foot roll, you can watch this short, informative video to make sure you splice your rope light correctly to avoid shorting out your system. Biggest thing to remember is not to plug in your rope light while it is on the spool; especially, if it is an incandescent product. The heat from the incandescent bu
lbs will eventually melt the tubing if illuminated while on the spool.

150W Diva C·L Single Pole 3Way Digital Dimmer Light SwitchDesigning with Light

Areas around your home that should be illuminated with rope light range from alcove lighting to closet illumination. For designer preferences, start with your crown molding in your living, dining, and bedrooms. Mount your crown molding slightly away from the ceiling to allow for the rope light to rest in the interior of the decorative piece. Since the majority of rope light runs the diodes and bulbs horizontally you won’t need to worry about facing the rope light in a particular direction. If the diodes are horizontal the rope light will provide the benefit of 360 degree illumination. With the crown molding application homeowners can use this feature for soft mood lighting for romantic settings, or as an additional feature lighting to enhance the decor while the primary light source is emitted from recessed cans. Similar installation locations are soffit ceilings, above kitchen cabinets, and cove ledges.
For more unique locations look to your window drapery or valances. Backlighting these elements subtly accentuates the decorative patterns and textures meant to complete the room aesthetics. You can also place rope light within dark cabinetry, inside a deep kitchen pantry, and to backlight decorative art pieces. For each of these design applications, rope light offers a range of color options as well as the option to dim the fixture. With a 150 DIVA dimmer, there is not an minimum draw so you can avoid chatter caused by other types of dimmers and there will not be any residual power being used when the fixtures are turned off. Simple enhancements to technology have truly elevated the status of rope light and made it a much more versatile light fixture.  

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