Dock and Pier Lighting


14 Sep Dock and Pier Lighting

For those homeowners that are blessed to have the great outdoors as their backyard, deck or pier lighting can help define their landscape. Along with beautifully defining their property, illuminating natural elements only further enhances their value. For homes with lake or ocean access, lighting is imperative both for on shore allure and off shore convenience. Shine a light along your dock and find out how to use lighting as an inexpensive design feature for your private pier.

Enduring the Elements

With maritime lighting, many of the traditional fixtures are dated. Their dated both from a material and design perspective. Previously, light fixtures on docks and piers were made of aluminium and needed frequent replacement. The higher moisture content in the air for lake areas and salt for oceanic docks takes a major toll on aluminium. The weather elements break down the metal, and homeowners have to frequently replace the item due to corrosion or rust. While converting your current fixtures to led lighting is a way to save on energy, the fixture itself will still corrode if it is made of aluminium. Two of the best materials for areas with higher moisture content are raw brass or copper. While these two unfinished metals will patina, they will never rust or corrode. Use fixtures that will stand the test of time and endure the elements without needing relentless replacement. The only thing you should have to replace with your outdoor led lighting is the bulb, and even those should last for over 50,000 hours.

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Unleash the beauty of your water access point through the use of perfectly placed lights, and increase the safety of evening outings. We recommend deck lights on each of the posts to shine light along the edge of your dock, and to make tie off points apparent to novice sailors. The sleek design of deck lights make them unobtrusive, allowing the light to focus your eye on the prettier elements of your environment. For the dock’s railings, beneath bench seats, and along the edge of your pier use ledge lights. These minimalist fixtures provide indirect illumination by shining towards the dock and water without producing obnoxious light pollution. A desirable feature for those communities that value natural beauty. Both the ledge and deck fixtures are outdoor rated, so they can tolerate splashing; however, mount them above the waterline because they are not submersible.

Ledge and deck lights definitely make walking along your dock easier and safer, but there is nothing better than being able to identify your dock while you’re out on the water. Several experienced boaters are adding submersible colored lights underneath their docks to make navigating back home a breeze. Through the use of a few brass led underwater lights, you can provide yourself a simple, elegant landmark to find upon your return. Along with helping find your dock while cruising the sea, the visual effect is truly seductive. The ledge lights will shine from above the surface of the water, while the underwater lights will glow from below giving the illusion of dazzling movement that will enhance the overall beauty.

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