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27 Jun Bikes, Golf Carts, & Recreational Vehicles

LED 2 Wire Rope Light - 12V / 24VRope light is fantastic for seasonal lighting and exciting creative projects to show off during fundraisers, holidays, and themed parties. Think of the 4th of July boating adventures, or the bike clubs that cycle while showing off their flashy light displays. Rope light shouldn’t be reserved solely for the winter holidays. In order to create a noteworthy display go with LED or Incandescent 12 volt rope light so that you can easily provide the energy you need through a battery. Be the envy of your next social get together with a unique rope light display.

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The world of recreational vehicles is virtually limitless. Have a blast with different colors and designs this 4th of July. Line the bed of your truck with rope light hiding underneath the lip of the trim, or mount a flagpole and run rope light along its edge. If you’re looking to have a flagpole that is entirely made of light, grab a 6ft rigid plastic tube and slide rope light through it instead of using the traditional metal options. Even more exciting would be decor mounted on the bumper or grill of your vehicle, such as a flag, wreath, or heart. Wrap rope light along the roof of your golf cart, and create a phenomenal display on top. With some PVC and zip ties, you could make a multitude of unique creations. For those evening boat rides to view the fireworks, put on your own light show with rope light lining the edges of your craft. Let your imagination run wild, and feel free to embrace the “beat the Joneses” mentality.

Chasing_Bi_Color_3_Wire_Rope_Light_Controller_BI_3C_face__83424.1392164634.220.220Secrets to Installation

The best part about using a 12 volt rope light is the installation on your recreational vehicle is as simple as connecting the positive and negative charges. Since these products are DC powered they have polarity to enable you to hook up the wires directly to your golf, truck, or boat battery. Most rope light products will have the wires clearly marked with positive and negative symbols, but if they aren’t and the product is newer it is ok to test your connections. Older generations would short out if the positive and negative charges were installed improperly, but new generations allow for easier installation with both marked wires and the ability to make an error without ruining your product just in case. If you want to manipulate your light show, you can easily hook up a controller to your vehicle’s battery. Most controllers have a DC 5.5 plug that will allow your rope light to plug into the controller and be powered and controlled through that accessory.


Bikes are probably the most difficult to wire up, but it is possible. You’ll need at least a 9 volt battery and a converter to power the rope light adorning your bike. There are some companies that sell a specialized version of rope light that is powered with 3 volts, but 12 volt will work for this application as well. The lights will just be dimmer if they are run off of a 9 volt battery. If you’re up for the additional challenge, feel free to use the same positive and negative connections to wire up your rope light to a portable 9 volt battery for this light display.
Enjoy the festivities and break the mold with unique light displays on your recreational vehicles.

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